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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Nebula facts and about information | what is in a nebula

Nebula facts and about information 

What is in a nebula

The nebula is the largest cloud composed of dust, gas, plasma and hydrogen.

Nebulae are also considered to be birthplaces such as where the stars are created, or born.

18+ facts of Nebula is the Latin word for cloud, and for the 1920's distant galaxies were also called nebulae.

The first true nebula mentioned was mentioned in a 964-page book entitled 

The Book of Fixed Stars by Ad al-Rahman al-Sufi - a Persian astronomer.

The Orion Nebulas  was discovered in 1610 by Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc. There are various ways in which nebulae can be formed.

Some are formed as a result of a supernova explosion, or from an electric current already in the center, while others are created by stars.

18+ Nebula Facts and information 

  • 18+ facts of Nebula are clouds of gases and dusts that form in the interstellar atmospheres.
  • They range in size from millions of miles to hundreds of light years across.
  • Nebulas are highly hydrogen and a small amount of other gases and dust particles.
  • The stars and planets of our planet are made up of electricity and dust inside the nebulae.
  • The Orion Nebula is the closest region that makes up the Earth, is located at 1,300 light bulbs and is thought to be 25 light years across.
  • The nebulae located outside the Milky Way are known as extra-galactic nebulae.
  • Until the 1920's distantly galaxies were classified as nebulae.
  • Some nebulae can be seen in the night sky with their naked eyes.
  • In 5 billion years our Sun becomes a planetary nebula.
  • The word nebula is derived from the Latin word cloud, the plural of nebulae is nebulae, although nebulas are also used.
  • The Hourglass Nebula looks like an hourglass and is located about 8,000 light years from Earth.
  • Scientists have a theory that new stars are created in the nebula.
  • The idea is that the gas and dust in the nebula begin to squash together and become hot and dense.
  • Once this cloud becomes hot and dense, it ignites the hydrogen present in it and forms a new star.
  • It is estimated that the sun will become a nebula in about five billion years.
  • Any 18+ facts of Nebula located beyond the Milky Way is called the extra-galactic nebula.
  • We know that stars can form inside the nebula, but how? According to scientists, the gas and dust inside these nebula squash occur together under their own gravitational pull.
  • As a result, clouds begin to shrink and become densThey become denser when heated. 
  • Eventually they become so hot that the hydrogen in them ignites and new stars come to life.

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